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Discounted Newspapers

Discounted Newspapers
Discounted Newspapers sells subscriptions to the largest local newspapers around the United States.
Wide selection. Over 350 newspapers serving 40,000 zip codes with more than 3,000 subscription options.
Online Price Guarantee. Subscription discounts are guaranteed to be the lowest prices available on the web.
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Established in 1999, is one of the most popular magazine subscription retailers on the Internet.
The absolute lowest prices. Wide selection of 3000+ print and digital magazines at the lowest possible authorized prices.
Easy cancellation & refunds. DiscountMagscom offers a 100% money-back guarantee - cancel within 6 months of ordering and get a refund for undelivered issues. is offering our members access to the best deals on magazine subscriptions made through our member portal. Please login to view the details of this exclusive offer.

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